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South Bay .NET User Group

Welcome attendees of the South Bay .NET User Group. Here is where you will find the samples from Paul's presentation. Enjoy!

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Fundamentals of N-Tier Architecture (.NET 2.0 / 3.5)

N-Tier is the Best Way To Develop Applications. This Book will Show you How.

There are many ways to architect an N-Tier application. At PDSA, Inc. we have been doing N-Tier applications since Visual Basic 4.0 hit the streets. This book will show you one method that our company uses to create a logical and physical N-Tier application using VS.NET 2005/2008.

PDSA .NET Productivity Framework

PDSA .NET Productivity Framework The PDSA .NET Productivity Framework is a complete architecture and development platform designed to increase developer productivity, reduce common errors, generate bullet proof code and save you 100’s of hours of time! Sign up for a FREE Webcast on the benefits of using the PDSA .NET Productivity Framework.

Haystack Code Generator for .NET

Haystack Code Generator for .NET The Haystack Code Generator for .NET allows developers to create Entity and Data classes to perform all CRUD actions against a database engine such as SQL Server or Oracle (Oracle support coming soon). Haystack generates classes to call stored procedures, views, even XML files. In addition it will generate ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight user controls and much more! Sign up for a FREE Webcast on the benefits of using the Haystack Code Generator.

PDSA Video Training

PDSA Video Training Our PDSA video training is top-notch training on various .NET and SQL Server topics. These are not the 10-15 minute free videos you get on internet sites. These are 50-60 minute professional videos done by a top trainer. You get expert instruction and a step-by-step approach.