Product Detail: Fundamentals of N-Tier Architecture (.NET 2.0 / 3.5)

Fundamentals of N-Tier Architecture (.NET 2.0 / 3.5)
There are many ways to architect an N-Tier application. There have been many books, articles and whitepapers published on the subject. At PDSA, Inc. we have been doing N-Tier applications since Visual Basic 4.0 hit the streets. In the years since, we have learned a lot of techniques, and have used a couple of different N-Tier methodologies for our application development. This book will show you how one method our company uses to create a logical and physical N-Tier application using VS.NET 2005/2008. You will learn N-Tier techniques in this book using both C# and VB.NET. You will learn how to physically separate tiers using an ASP.NET Web Service.

Goals of this Book
This book will save you hours of time because it already includes the following:
1. Data Handler Class
2. Sample of creating a provider model
3. Sample Data Classes
4. Sample Business Rule Classes
5. Many sample WinForm applications
6. A sample Web Service using N-Tier techniques
If you started from scratch it would probably take you over 60 hours of time to develop all the classes that are included in this book!

Original Release Date: June 4, 2002
Current Release Date: Oct. 3, 2009
Current Edition: 4th Edition
Level: Intermediate
# of Pages: 146

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