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The PDSA Agile ALM™ is a collection of best practices, tools and templates that support an IT department's entire software development lifecycle. IT (Information Technology) is much more than bits and bytes. The PDSA Agile ALM can give any Information Technology organization a jumpstart on adding the necessary processes and procedures for a well-run and well-tuned IT organization. Our product is a collection of many years of experience. We believe in it so much that we use it too!

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Agile Application Lifecycle Management Guidance

The PDSA Agile ALM™ provides you with many resources and guidance for implementing processes and procedures in your IT organization. Our product includes over 80 documents and templates to help you implement IT Governance techniques in your organization.

Don't start from scratch! Use our resources to get started, and you will save hundreds of hours. You can easily tailor our documents for your organization.

The The PDSA Agile ALM™ includes information on the following IT business management process topics:

  • Architecture: In this section of the PDSA Agile ALM you will be given some suggestions on how to configure a standard development environment for all programmers in your shop. This includes installing software on your machine and configuring your development environment. You will also be presented with a decision model on how to choose between creating a web or desktop application.
  • Human Resources Practices: Hiring, firing and managing employees are a difficult process. We have provided you samples of how to place an ad, how to interview, an offer of employment letter and a new hire checklist. We even have a sample employee handbook. The documents that have legal implications, of course, each state varies in what you are allowed or not allowed to do by law, so you may need some legal help in this area.
  • Management Practices: Managing projects, vendors, and employees is a huge undertaking. While we do not have all of the answers here, we have given you some documents and guidelines to follow. We have a sample non-disclosure agreement, how to build a high-performance development team, and how to set roles and responsibilities for your employees.
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM ): This part of the PDSA Agile ALM describes the many facets of managing a software development project. You will learn the basics of a typical lifecycle and what issues you need to address at each point in the process. You will be presented with documents that describe the Project Management Guidelines you should use, how to gather requirements, and how to put together an estimate. In addition there are documents that describe programming standards, database standards and how to use a source code control system such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. You will also be presented with documents on how to perform a code design review and performance review on your application.

More Information

If you would like more information about what you get in the The PDSA Agile ALM™, please read our fact sheet and review the Introduction, which includes a full table of contents. Both files are in PDF format, so you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.

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