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Are you tired of having to schedule time with your Web developer or internal Web team to make even minor changes to the content on your Web site? If so, you need the PDSA Web Authoring System (WAS)! Your company can save time & money with the PDSA Web Authoring System. Any user who is familiar with Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer (IE) can easily create content for your Web site. Users can use fonts, bold, italic, underlines, pictures and any HTML elements they want. All this can be done from within Internet Explorer with an easy-to-use interface.

With the PDSA Web Authoring System, you don't have to be a Web developer to update your Web site. WAS is a 100% Microsoft .NET solution that is easily installed on a Web server. Once installed, you have a powerful content management tool ready at your fingertips.

  • WAS is template-based, so you can maintain a consistent "look and feel" across all the pages of your Web site. No need to learn HTML or fuss with style sheets.
  • WAS provides a simple user interface and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) content editor that you can use to update your Web site from anywhere at any time through your browser.
  • WAS lets you schedule when your content is published so the right information goes live at the right time.
  • WAS includes workflow features that let you delegate content creation with the confidence that it will only go live after you approve it.
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More Information

For more details about what WAS can do for you and how it works, check out our Fact Sheet or the full Owner's Manual.

The following links are PDF files and require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.

  • Read our Fact Sheet for information on features and pricing.
  • Read the Owner's Manual for detailed information about configuring and using the PDSA Web Authoring System
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