Software Cost Audit

Find out the "True" Cost of Your Software

The PDSA Software Cost Audit will help you determine what your software really costs to develop. Whether you had your software developed off-shore or on-shore, you still need to be aware of all of the costs. Our review will help you identify the true cost of your software. For each item on our checklist we detail:

  • Findings: Are your costs for development extraordinary compared to the rest of the industry?
  • Reasons: Identify those areas where your software costs did not provide the ROI you expected.
  • Recommendations: Our recommendations on what can be done to help keep costs under control.
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, PDSA can help you implement the recommendations.

Here is a small sample of our Software Cost Checklist

  • License Fees
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Hardware Costs
  • Code Reuse
  • Project Management
  • And many more items!

Click here to view an information sheet on this software cost audit.

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