Application Performance Audit

Get The Best Performance From .NET!

The 93-point PDSA Application Performance Audit reveals possible bottlenecks that can ruin your application's performance!

The PDSA Application Performance Audit Can Help Speed Up Your Application

Our approach is simple. Our checklist provides a step-by-step method for inspecting various coding practices in your application. For each item on our checklist we detail:

  • Findings: Whether or not we found a performance bottleneck in your application.
  • Reasons: The reason why this item is important to the performance of your application.
  • Recommendations: Our recommendations describing what should be done to improve or correct your application.
  • Remediation: For an additional fee, PDSA can help you implement the recommendations.

Performance Checklist

Here is a small sample of what we check:

  • Correct Use of Variables
  • Garbage Collection Usage
  • Reflection Usage
  • Stored Procedures
  • Collection Usage
  • SQL
  • Entity Framework and ADO.NET
  • And over 50 more items...

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