How to Choose a Custom Software Developer

Not All Software Developers Are Alike

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Like all professional services, the experience of those you’re hiring is everything. Look for shops that have been building applications for more than 10 years. That way you’re avoiding dot-bomb refugees. Also, make sure developing applications is the only thing they do. The only exception is if they offer development training or they otherwise sell their expertise. Ask about the average tenure of all the employees. Three years is a good mark, and while you’re asking, check the average amount of software and IT experience of the senior staff. Nothing less than 15 years is acceptable. Your reputation is on the line, so you need consultants that have been good enough to thrive in technology’s ups and downs.

In addition to experience, look for third party credibility. Easy ways to verify this are testimonials (with names and companies) from their customers and the vendors who license the languages they use. Also, look for published articles and books. Editors don’t risk publishing bad writers, so if your consultant has passed muster here, they are probably good at what they do. Finally, troll the list of speakers at big name developer events like Microsoft’s Tech Ed or local vendor events.

PDSA presents at Tech Ed, DevConnections, VSLive and many other major conferences each year. This means that they are recognized as one of the leaders in the IT field. If great companies like Microsoft, Kaiser Permanante, UCLA Extension and other choose PDSA as their IT company of choice, shouldn't you too?

IT Manager Special Reports

Special Reports PDSA has a lot of special reports on "How to Hire an IT Company" and many more others to help you make the right IT decisions.


PDSA .NET Productivity Framework

PDSA .NET Productivity Framework The PDSA .NET Productivity Framework is a complete architecture and development platform designed to increase developer productivity, reduce common errors, generate bullet proof code and save you 100’s of hours of time!

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Haystack Code Generator for .NET

Haystack Code Generator for .NET The Haystack Code Generator for .NET allows developers to create Entity and Data classes to perform all CRUD actions against a database engine such as SQL Server or Oracle (Oracle support coming soon). Haystack generates classes to call stored procedures, views, even XML files. In addition it will generate ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight user controls and much more!

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PDSA Video Training

PDSA Video Training Our PDSA video training is top-notch training on various .NET and SQL Server topics. These are not the 10-15 minute free videos you get on internet sites. These are 50-60 minute professional videos done by a top trainer. You get expert instruction and a step-by-step approach.
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