Migrate to WPF

PDSA WPF Migration Package

PDSA can help you migrate your old desktop applications to WPF with the expert guidance you need.

PDSA WPF Migration Package

Do you have a lot of old Windows Forms, Visual Basic 6, FoxPro, MS Access or other desktop applications that are coming to the end of their lifecycle? Don't worry, its not too hard, or too late to move those into .NET. Let PDSA help you with your migration process. We have successfully converted many applications from old technology to new technology.

Our Migration Package Includes:

  • .NET Accelerated Training System
  • eBooks on .NET
  • Video Training on .NET
  • WPF For Business Developers Training
  • PDSA WPF Architectural & Migration System
  • Tons of sample code to help you get started!


Don't wait until your applications won't run on the new operating systems, or support runs out from Microsoft. Call us today at (714) 734-9792 and talk to David, Michael or Paul.


PDSA Web Migration Package

We also specialize in moving your legacy applications to the Web! Need ASP.NET or Silverlight, contact us at (714) 734-9792 or click here.

Contact us today for more information. Toll-Free at (888) 899-7372 or (714) 734-9792. Or email us at info@pdsa.com