Audio/Video Recordings

I have been fortunate to have been asked by many luminaries in the industry to appear on their podcasts and other shows.

Below are some of the recordings that are available.

Action Title Venue Date
Watch Having a Savings Account and Being Healthy in 2024 Guidance Counselor 2.0 4/23/2024
Watch Starting and Running a Successful Consulting Business Technology & Friends 4/1/2024
Watch Building Apps with XAML and .NET MAUI Visual Studio Toolbox 12/6/2023
Listen Paul Sheriff on What's New in .NET - Episode 117 Azure DevOps Podcast 11/30/2020
Watch $ Tips and Tricks for the JavaScript/jQuery Developer VS Live On-Demand Workshop 9/23/2020
Watch $ Become a Web Developer Quick and Easy VS Live On-Demand Workshop 6/29/2020
Watch Security in WPF Apps Microsoft Channel 9 5/28/2020
Listen Paul Sheriff on How to be an Architect - Episode 77 Azure DevOps Podcast 2/24/2020
Listen Web Forms for Mobile with Paul Sheriff .NET Rocks 9/10/2014
Watch MVVM in XAML: Simple and Easy Microsoft Channel 9 1/1/2012
Watch From Zero to Silverlight in 75 Minutes Microsoft Channel 9 1/1/2011
Watch Simplify XML Processing Using LINQ to XML Microsoft Channel 9 6/2/2010
Watch Let's Talk about Software Consulting As a Business Microsoft Channel 9 6/2/2010
Watch The World Turned Upside Down: Development Strategies for Lean Times Microsoft Channel 9 6/2/2010
Watch The Data Access Menu: Making Intelligent Choices Microsoft Channel 9 6/2/2010
Watch WPF Data-Binding from A to Z Microsoft Channel 9 11/12/2009
Watch Building a Security System for Windows Applications Using Client Application Services Microsoft Channel 9 11/12/2009
Watch Exception Management - Handling and Reporting Exceptions Effectively Microsoft Channel 9 11/12/2009
Listen Catching Up with Paul Sheriff Polymorphic Podcast 3/3/2008
Listen Paul Sheriff on Architecture .NET Rocks 3/14/2005
Listen Paul Sheriff .NET Rocks 4/14/2003